About Us

Founded in 1973, Shun Hing Advertising Co., Ltd. (SHAC) is an independent advertising company that provides a full range of agency services to external customers, in addition to the advertising and promotion of Shun Hing Group products and activities. We are also responsible for the design and planning of TV, radio, magazines and media advertisements, as well as identification of new media opportunities. SHAC is one of the few advertising companies in Hong Kong that has obtained ISO certification. With high-quality management, SHAC strives for excellence in advertising services.

Mission Statement

Dedication to Service
In the process of making every effort on behalf of our clients, we will strive to win international certification for service excellence.

Client Satisfaction
We will focus entirely on the satisfaction of our clients by providing speedy, creative high quality and cost-effective advertising.

New Horizons
We will continually broadening our customer profiles and search for new markets.

Constant Renewal
We will keep ourselves in the forefront of all worldwide trends in the advertising industry by providing our staff with professional training and the latest equipment, to ensure that our work is always fresh and relevant. 


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